Imagine you walk into a store or use a service with a positive attitude, hoping for a good experience. That positive feeling you start with is called goodwill. But sometimes, things can go wrong, and your goodwill can decrease. Let’s see how this happens and what can be done to make things better.

When Goodwill Shrinks

  1. Keeping Secrets: Think about how you’d feel if a store hid its prices or contact information. You’d probably feel frustrated and misled, right? That’s because when important details are hidden, your trust and goodwill go down.
  2. Too Many Questions: Imagine signing up for something online, and they ask you a hundred questions that don’t even matter. You’d feel annoyed and might want to leave. Extra questions can make your goodwill shrink.
  3. Punishing Small Mistakes: Have you ever tried to pay for something and got an error message that didn’t make sense? It’s frustrating, isn’t it? When something like that happens, your goodwill drops because you feel like you’re being punished for no reason.
  4. False Promises: Have you heard those recorded messages that say “Your call is very important to us” while you’re waiting on hold for ages? That’s an example of a false promise. When what they say doesn’t match what they do, your goodwill goes down.
  5. Testing Your Patience: Imagine waiting forever for a video to start or a webpage to load. It makes you want to give up, right? Long waits like that chip away at your goodwill because they waste your time.
  6. Confusing and Messy: Have you ever been on a website that’s so confusing you can’t find what you’re looking for? Bad design and confusing layouts can make you frustrated and decrease your goodwill.

Making Goodwill Strong Again

  1. Understanding You: Just like a good friend, businesses should understand what you want and need. When they make things easy and helpful for you, your goodwill grows.
  2. Being Honest: When businesses tell you upfront about prices, fees, and how to reach them, it builds trust. When you know what to expect, your goodwill gets stronger.
  3. Making Things Simple: Think about how nice it is when things are easy to do. Businesses that make their websites and services simple and straightforward make you happy and keep your goodwill up.
  4. Answering Questions Before You Ask: If a business has a list of common questions and answers, it saves you time and shows they care. This kind of thoughtfulness increases your goodwill.
  5. Putting You First: When businesses make sure everything is easy and convenient for you, it’s like they’re putting you first. This makes you like them more and boosts your goodwill.
  6. Helping You Fix Mistakes: We all mess up sometimes. If a business helps you fix mistakes without making you feel bad, your goodwill stays strong.
  7. Saying Sorry: When a business messes up, saying sorry and making things right shows they care about you. This can actually make your goodwill even stronger.

Goodwill is like the warm feeling you have when you start a new experience. It’s fragile and can go down if things get tough. But businesses can keep your goodwill strong by being honest, making things easy, and treating you well, even when mistakes happen. When both you and the business work together to keep goodwill high, it’s a win-win situation that leads to happy and lasting relationships.


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