Building products for people

UXclass is a collection of User Experience and Product Design resources that can help designers, developers, founders and all creators build successful products and services.

At its core, UX is the emotion, intuition, and connection that people feel when they interact with a product or service. Delightful experiences drive word of mouth and organic virality, while poor experiences create disappointment and frustration, reducing the likelihood of users returning to a product.

As a creator your ultimate goal is to make an impact on people’s lives and improve their work and well-being. The products we are building should become:


Key principles: 

  1. We don’t just build a product, we build relationships with people.
  2. Keep things simple!
  3. Make things clear.
  4. Apply scientific thinking vs wishful thinking.
  5. Convert guesses into hypotheses.
  6. “If we do {this}, then {that} should happen”.
  7. No need — no build. If nobody needs it, then don’t build it.
  8. The simplest execution is usually the best one.
  9. Refer to qualitative and quantitative data. Test early and often.
  10. Focus on the efforts that bring the most value.
  11. People, not users.
  12. Dig into the root cause of a problem. Use 5 whys technique.
  13. Identify delighters vs frustrators.
  14. Support, do not use UX to manipulate.
  15. Naming is crucial.
  16. Microcopy is very important.
  17. Content is the key.
  18. Remove all noise.
  19. Make sure people can recover from errors well.
  20. Apply Kano Model.
  21. Start with an end goal.
  22. Focus on results, not deliverables.
  23. Be productive, not busy.
  24. Use UX framework.


What’s next?

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